Farm Apprentice Matching

AFI helps connect people interested in working as an apprentice on an East End farm with farmers willing to share their expertise. We work with a wide range of farms, each with different business models and apprenticeship programs. Most farms provide housing, fresh produce, a modest stipend, and hands-on training in exchange for the work apprentices contribute.Through our CRAFT program we offer apprentices additional educational opportunities that not only deepen their learning experience but also give them the chance to network and socialize with others in the farming community.

Most apprenticeships run from April through October. To apply for one or more East End apprenticeships, fill out the application below and send it along with your resume to We will be in touch shortly after we receive your application.

For Farmers: Any East End farm or food producer willing to host apprentices may participate in the program. You do not have to be an AFI member to participate in the program, but you will be charged a $45 processing fee if you are not. Please email us a description of your farm or food business and of your apprenticeship or internship program.

Important Note: In its effort to match applicants and farms, AFI reserves the right to share applications with as many or as few participating farms as it chooses. This is a matching service only. AFI is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by either the farm or the applicant. Intending participants are urged to explore all aspects of the apprentice-employer relationship before moving forward. By agreeing to use this service you are agreeing that AFI has no responsibility for the terms and conditions of the relationship or its outcome.

Apprentice Application