Business Members

Business membership is open to anyone in the food business -- farmers, food producers, food entrepreneurs, vintners, fishermen, etc. -- who do business on Long Island's East End. The cost is $150 per year, and in return, members receive the following benefits:

  • Educational opportunities for employers, apprentices and interns
  • Workshops on a variety of farming and business practices
  • Medical discounts at a local walk-in clinic
  • Networking opportunities within the local food community
  • Access to information on relevant loans, leases and grants
  • Information regarding relevant food and farm policy for the East End
  • Listings and publicity on our website, in our newsletters and at our South Fork Kitchens cafe


Our Business Members

Bhumi Farms

Bhumi Farms, founded and managed by Frank Trentacoste, is an organic farm that uses no pesticides or chemicals and treats soil with the aim of growing the highest quality produce possible. Bhumi Farms offers a CSA membership, and its products can be found at local farmers markets. Gift cards and baskets, and cooking classes are also available.

Share the Harvest Farm

Share the Harvest Farm, located at EECO Farm on Long Lane in East Hampton, provides organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs to local food pantries and other organizations. Community outreach and education are also important components of its mission.

Mecox Bay Dairy

Mecox Bay Dairy in Water Mill, NY, the South Fork's only dairy farm, is owned and operated by fourth generation farmers who once grew potatoes but began artisanal cheese production in 2001. The cheeses are made from the milk of Jersey Cows and are aged at least 61 days. They are available at local farmers markets and retail shops.


Goodfood. is a joint venture between Allison Katz of Ali Katz small batch baking and Luchi Masliah of Gula Gula Empanadas. Their specialty food store and cafe on Pike Street in Mattituck serves Ali Katz's pastries, Gula Gula empanadas, and seasonal prepared foods. Goodfood. brings flavors from around the world using fresh, local, and organic ingrediants.

Catch Montauk

Catch Montauk manufactures and distributes Finn’s Smoked Fish Dips. Our website is We are Seafood HACCP Certified and manufacture under a 20-C Food Manufacturing License. As owner and operator, Paul Slovak is hands-on with everything. He make sales calls to achieve distribution into retail accounts, loads and drives a refrigerated truck to deliver product to retail accounts in a 150-mile radius, packs out product, rotates product and otherwise manages product placements. Today Finn’s can be found at select gourmet food stores in Nassau and Rockland Counties and seasonally at Suffolk County seafood shops.

Mar-Gene Farms

Mar-Gene Farms in Mattituck, NY, is owned and operated as a certified organic, family farm by Gene and Maryann Krupski. They produce unique and traditional vegetables available at North Fork farmer's markets and the Glass Greenhouse and Farm Market in Jamesport.

Soul Magic Healing Cacao

Janna has had a long background participating in many aspects of health and healing. She started out educating herself and others in nutrition, making healthy food, and writing for the Mothers Center newsletter and her articles were picked up by Merrick Life Newspaper. Janna taught healthy cooking to support others in making transitions to a healthy diet. Janna began learning about all aspects of energetic healing. She became an ordained Interfaith minister, a Reiki master, was certified in hypnosis, and breathwork called Rebirthing, and developed a vibrational healing work called Soul Magic Healing. Janna was guided to put the Soul Magic Healing into raw cacao bars, with chanting and raising their frequency in singing bowls. This has brought her full circle back to her nutrition and cooking while incorporating her healing and spiritual work as well.

Fairview Farm at Mecox

Fairview Farm at Mecox products include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers, heritage pork, pastured chickens and eggs, and homemade pies, jams, granola, and cookies. In the fall, the farm opens its 8-acre corn maze, cut in a different pattern every year, along with a pick-your-own pumpkin patch and a corn-cannon shoot. Its Bridgehampton farm stand is open from April through December.

Hamptons Aristocrat

Hamptons Aristocrat is a farm to fork catering company that offers a weekly menu inspired by and prepared with fresh and local ingredients. The company has also launched The Dessert Project- an individual pizza pie made with organic and local ingredients, then frozen for lunch and dinner on busy days.

Invincible Summer Farms

Invincible Summer Farms in Southold, NY specializes in growing rare and endangered heirloom and open-pollinated varities of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The farm maintains a seed bank and works with plant breeders throughout the world to bring region-appropriate vegetables to the East End. Invincible Summer Farms practices sustainable agriculture and has signed the NOFA-NY Farmer's Pledge. They offer CSA memberships, sell wholesale to local restaurants, and operate an online store.

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm, on Shelter Island, NY, has been stewarded for eleven generations by the same family. They recently turned the property into a not-for-profit entity whose mission is to cultivate, preserve, and share the land as a place where people celebrate food and arts. The farm grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available at its farm stand and through CSA memberships.

Sang Lee Farms

Sang Lee Farms, in Peconic, NY, has been producing vegetables since the 1940s. Fred and Karen Lee and their children manage the farm with a focus on sustainable land stewardship. They grow more than 100 varieties of organically certified fruits and vegetables, which are availalbe at their farm stand as “Fresh-Lee Cut” products. They also offer CSA memberships and sell their produce at local farmers markets.

Open Minded Organics

Open Minded Organics, owned and operated by David Falkowski, cultivates a variety of mushrooms, the best known being blue oyster mushrooms. They are available at the Open Minded Organics farm stand in Bridgehampton, NY and at other farm stands and farmer's markets throughout the South Fork.

North Fork Chocolate Company

North Fork Chocolate Company creates handcrafted chocolates and desserts. They incorporate local ingredients such as fruit, sea salt, honey, and dairy with pure Belgian chocolate to craft a variety of artisinal products. You can find North Fork Chocolates at their new retail location in Aquebogue, online, and in restaurants and retails stores throughout the East End and New York.

Pike Farms

Jennifer and Jim Pike own Pike Farms where they grow mixed vegetables, herbs, and fruit on 65 acres in Sagaponack, NY. Their most popular crops are sweet corn and tomatoes, which can both be found at their farm stand along with the large variety of other produce they grow and local baked goods. Pike Farms’ farm stand is located on Sagg Main Road in Sagaponack.

Dock to Dish

Dock to Dish is a sustainable seafood cooperative that works closely with The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and The Concerned Citizens of Montauk to help members get to know their local fishermen and learn about the seasonality of fish. Members receive a weekly share of sustainably harvested seafood with in-depth explanations of the species, methods of capture, and the fishermen who harvested it. As one of the country’s first community supported fisheries, Dock to Dish helps repair the disconnect between marine resources, consumers, and the local fishing community that depends on them.

Amber Waves Farm

Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin founded Amber Waves Farm in 2009. They now grow 250 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables, maintain a flock of 100 laying hens, and have revived the cultivation of organic wheat on the East End. They have also made education a central part of their mission and work with local schools to introduce children to the basics of farming. Amber Waves Farm offers a CSA membership and sells its products at local farmers markets.

Acabonac Farms

Acabonac Farms raises 100% grass fed, pastured beef right here on Eastern Long Island. Their mission is to be a trusted source of delicious, healthy food and to steward the land and livestock using time-honored, environmentally responsible farming practices. The cattle are raised humanely, freely moving through pastures where they graze diverse, natural grasses without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or GMO seeds. They are never given sub-therapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones. The focus is on building soil health and raising happy cattle, which ensures a nutritious, locally grown product.

Quail Hill Farm

Quail Hill Farm, a stewardship project of the Peconic Land Trust and one of the oldest CSA farms in the country, covers 30 acres of land in Amagansett, grows more than 500 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and offers CSA memberships to more than 250 families. Its produce is also available at local farmers markets.

Carissa's Breads

Carissa Waechter of Carissa'a Breads uses local whole wheat flour that she hand mills herself in the breads and other products she bakes. She also uses only fresh, local herbs and vegetables in her focaccias and pizzas. Carissa bakes bread for several East End CSA farms and her bread can be found at farm stands and the Montauk farmer's market.

Balsam Farms

Balsam Farms grows a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and is perhaps best known for its delicious corn. You can find Balsam Farms’ produce at its farm stand in Amagansett and at many local farmers markets and restaurants. Balsam Farms also offers a CSA membership each season.

Springs General Store

The Springs General Store, owned and operated by Kristi Hood, specializes in baked goods, preserves, and catering using local foods. Since taking over the historic post office building that houses the store Kristi has made it into a community hub, even providing a school lunch delivery program. Everything at Springs General Store is homemade and baked from scratch.

Bees' Needs

Bees’ Needs, owned and operated by Mary Woltz, maintains apiaries at fifteen locations on the East End and provides pollination services for many local farms. Mary uses non-invasive practices in caring for her bees and lets them follow their natural behaviors with minimal interference. Bees' Needs honey and other products are sold at several East End stores, farm stands, and farmers markets.

Aki's Kitchen

Aki grew up in Antwerp, Belgium and has recently relocated from Connecticut to the Hamptons. She has always been passionate about food, but especially creating quality soups as a staple of her meals. She’s a strong believer in healthy and properly sourced produce. All of her cooking has been locally sourced; organic whenever possible.

Therefore, for her there was no better choice then to move to Eastern Long Island because of all the local farming. Her mother always said “love goes through the stomach” which is true but Aki always felt that “if you eat well, you live well”

Garden of Eve Organic Farm

Garden of Eve Organic Farm, occupying 50 acres of land in Riverhead, NY, grows certified organic produce and flowers, and raises sheep, turkeys, and 1000 laying hens. It serves 1,500 families through its CSA, and conducts educational farm tours. It also hosts birthday parties and other family events. Its products are available at their farm shop and at local farmers markets.

The SHED Workspace

The SHED Workspace is the women’s community workspace in Sag Harbor. As friends, mothers and working women, The SHED was founded by Sarah Cohen, Amanda Fairbanks and Liza Tremblay and launched in October 2018. The SHED currently pops-up on Tuesdays at Estia’s Little Kitchen and provides members with WiFi, color printing and scanning, charging stations, coffee, tea and lunch for purchase provided by Estia’s. By coming together in a shared workspace, where women of diverse backgrounds feel welcome, encouraged, and supported, The SHED is helping local women to innovate — changing the ways we work, grow, and ultimately succeed.

Hamptons Haute

Christine Clemens is the owner and head chef of Hamptons Haute, a catering and private chef business that also sells specialty cookies to local markets. Christine uses her network of farmers to purchase locally grown produce as well as grass-fed, organic meats. Hamptons Haute emphasizes that the greatest foods come straight from the earth to your table and that there is no need to use artificial ingredients when making high-quality dishes.

The Green Thumb Organic Farm

The Raymond Halsey family, who own and manage The Green Thumb Organic Farm in Water Mill, NY, have farmed the same land for over 300 years. They are committed to sustainable agriculture, which means using organic, natural farming practices. They grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs, which they offer through CSA memberships and at their famous farmstand on the Montauk Highway, open from May through November.

The Hoppy Acre

The Hoppy Acre is a small farm located in Amagansett, NY. They focus on growing hops for beer and hot peppers for their Springs Fireplace hot sauce and salsa. You can find Springs Fireplace products for sale online and at markets in East Hampton and Amagansett. The Hoppy Acre hops are available for sale at Bitters & Esters, a home brew shop in Brooklyn, NY. They are currently in the process of being certified organic.

Browder's Birds

Holly and Chris Browder founded Browder’s Birds in 2010. They raise organic pastured poultry and Cotswold sheep on their 16-acre farm in Mattituck. Their chicken and eggs are found at restaurants and markets throughout the East End. Browder’s Birds also offers a CSA and participates in several farmers markets.

Amagansett Sea Salt Company

The Amagansett Sea Salt Company's salt is crafted by hand, and every step of the process is carried out on its salt farm in Amagansett. The salt is available at local farmers markets and retail locations on the East End and in Manhattan. It is also available online.

Josephine's Feast!

Laura O’Brien founded Josephine’s Feast! in 2009 and makes artisanal preserves of highest quality. She hand-prepares every jar using seasonal fruit responsibly grown by East End farmers and her own apple pectin stock. Her other products include chutneys, spice rubs and blends, heirloom cakes, fruit butters, and more. Josephine’s Feast products can be found at local farmer's markets and ordered online.

The Milk Pail

The Milk Pail was founded by the John and Evelyn Halsey in 1969. Today the farm is run by their daughters, Jennifer and Amy, who are twelfth generation farmers. The Milk Pail’s farm stand in Water Mill is open year-round and sells apples, peaches, pumpkins, and other fruits as well as unusual bedding plants that are grown in Amy’s greenhouse. The Milk Pail also offers you-pick apples and pumpkins in the fall.

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